Handisport Haiti of December 3, 2017
Handisport Haiti of December 3, 2017
Handisport Haiti of December 3, 2017
Handisport Haiti of December 3, 2017
Handisport Haiti of December 3, 2017
Handisport Haiti of December 3, 2017
Handisport Haiti
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A disability is:

  • disability defines itself as an obstacle to daily life.

  • "Any activity limitation or restriction of participation in social life suffered in its environmentby a person due to a substantial, lasting or permanent one or more physical, sensory, mental, cognitive or psychological, d a poly-handicap or disabling health condition. "

  • The wheelchair is reserved for the disabled (amputees, blind, paraplegic, quadriplegic, brain and motor disabilities ...) and offers many disciplines which are arranged to be performed by them. Much of these activities is based on existing sports (basketball, tennis, athletics ...) but others have also been created specifically for people with disabilities and do not have valid sport equivalent (torball, the boccia, goalball ...). As recreational or elite competition, everyone can find his account.                         

Sport for the disabled


A "wheelchair" is a sport whose rules have been designed so it can be practiced by people with motor or sensory disabilities. We talk about sports when it suited for people withmental disabilities. Playing sports is when carrying a disability, whether physical or sensory, this seems difficult. Yet for years now, many associations and organizations are mobilizing to provide persons with disabilities and structures suitable equipment and thenmake this practice possible. When sharing an effort to more, we play by the same rules, we learn more about themselves.
Playing sports is when disabled, is to give the opportunity to feel better about his body, learn to tame her disability, to better endure perhaps.

The wheelchair - History


Wars injured after the 2nd World War, became paraplegic spent a period of rehabilitation in Stores Mandeville hospital in England. To physical activity, but also to pass the time, the neurosurgeon Ludwig Gutmann had the idea to offer to former airmen physical impairment of the Royal Air Force of small sports games including Basketball Ball or the archery bow.
In 1948 the hospital Stores Mandeville, were the first sports meetings between physical disabilities fauteuil.Au same time took place the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London. The idea of ​​the Paralympic Games was lancée.En 1960 the first Paralympic Games were born, they were held in Rome in Italie.Cette event has become a very popular and important event in the world, they exceed the Games Olympic winter and ranks second among global events in terms of participation behind the summer Olympic Games for athletes valident.Le wheelchair basketball Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960 hosted 300 athletes from 10 countries different.


  • In 1954 was created the Association of cripples France since that date the disability sport movement has evolved significantly. This association became the French Sports Federation of Physically Disabled (FFSHP) in 1963 before becoming a member of the National Olympic Committee and French Sports (CNOSF) 10 years later. She eventually became the French Handisport Federation (FFH) in 1977.

  • The main mission of the French Disabled Sports Federation is to make accessible sport to people with disabilities either in competition or leisure. It has also given the goal to bring the valid and invalid at the sport. Nowadays disabled sports athletes regularly train with valid. The President of the FFH, Gerard Masson ruled on this issue "must bring these two worlds: the best way to learn to accept differences, while cultivating the spirit of competition."

The wheelchair was introduced in Haiti for more than a decade.
the Disabled Sports movement seeks integration, physical and emotional development of disabled people. Its main purpose is to increase the number of disabled participants in various sports both nationally qu'international.le sports, physical or intellectual, is a sure way to assert the ability of people with disabilities. "Sport helps mentally retarded to say, it develops self-esteem and leads them to engage in relationships with others." namely Mr Bony Goerges, sports director of Special Olympics haiti.
In Haiti, to promote disabled sports and facilitate the recruitment of athletes called to be the selection nationale.Chaque years, has every October 17 in various departments of the NPC National Paralympic Committee of haiti organizes national competitions days called "National Day Para .A day to commemorate the achievements of the Father of the Nation "Jean-Jacques Dessalines," but also a day for people with disabilities, advocating for disability sport in Haiti.

With the participation of about 700 athletes from in various departments in roughly five sports, football, weightlifting, cycling and volleyball. Several categories of athletes will compete: 100 meters (one-legged, young teenager with intellectual disabilities), 100 m Tandem: not seeing and guides, 200m, 400m: 800m marathon and young teenager with intellectual disabilities, wheelchair race: paralysis cerebral, one-legged. activities that challenge society to the plight of the disabled. Further, he stressed that it was important that everyone contributes to mentor people with any disability.

"This is a way to demonstrate that the disabled also have their part to play in national life and they should not be excluded from society," said President Mr Jean Chevalier Sanon.He took the opportunity to thank all the sponsors who contributed to the event. According to Mr Sanon, the main objective of this sixth edition is to promote disability sport and facilitate the recruitment of athletes called to be the national team.


For those who wish to know more about the Disabled Sports.
----  Visit:   www.handisport.org 

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Handisport Haiti has the occasion of
Handisport Haiti has the occasion of
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