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  • For many years, many associations and institutions operating in the handicap field have felt the necessity to regroup their resources  in order to found a federation to better claim and protect  the rights and interest of the  Haitian disabled community in order to  facilitate it global integration in the Haitian society.


      Once more, this idea was brought on line by  Mr. Jean Chevalier Sanon during a            meeting held on November 3th,  2000 at the head office of the Healing Hands              Foundation of Haiti " a rehabilitation medical center" where he  is also one of                the co-founders.

     This proposition was granted a lot of interests among the members and has been          subjected to many other meetings relatively.


  • Finally, on December 5th, still at the same head office, The "Haitian   Federation of Associations and Institutions of Disabled Persons "FHAIPH". was founded and was officially recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Manpower on February 28th, 2001. The creation of the FHAIPH has resulted to the initiative of implanting sportsactivities for persons with disabilities under the authority of  the National Paralympic Committee of Haiti and Special Olympics Haiti for the HANDISPORT movement.


  • FHAIPH is a non profit organization working  to  the profit of the Haitian Disabled Community. It regroups all Associations and Institutions willing to contribute either directly or indirectly to facilitate the integration and Inclusion of disabled persons in Haiti. FHAIPH  was granted the N.G.O. Status by the Ministry of Plan and External Cooperation in may 24th, 2007 and direct its activities in the following domains such as: health and rehabilitation, sports and leisure, education, administrative and financial supports, research and development, communication, advocacy and legal assistance, and capacity building.The Federations regrouped  as of today 58 associations and institutions members operating on all 10 departments of the country  and is also supported by a national network of young volunteers dispersed on 142  communities of Haiti.


  • The FHAIPH wears a board of seven members. This board is composed as follows:
    A president.
    A Vice President.
    A treasurer.
    three headmen.











1) 2000: Creation of the FHAIPH.

2) 2001: Introduction of the Paralympic Movement in Haiti.

3) 2002: Capacity building (ASHCA, SOHAMO).

4) 2003: Introduction of Special Olympics movement in Haiti,

5) 2004-2006: initiation Football on stand and institutional strengthening                             ASHCA, SOHAMO, SOSAMADEPHI.

6) 2005: Accreditation of FHAIPH as National Paralympic Committee

7) 2007: International Competitions: PARAPAN Brazil; China (Two medals                David Rosenthal); SOH; Para day.
8) 2008: Training in advocacy techniques for 25 associations;

9) 2009: Creation of INCLUSION Band; Survey on Living Conditions of                      People with Disabilities in Haiti; creation of the Association of                       Women with Disabilities in Haiti; participation 'the development of                 the Act for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities Partnership                 with health DASH, Creation of the National Network of Young                        Volunteers Haiti

10) 2010: Humanitarian aid has' 32 associations; Capacity building                             VIHAMO, Psychosocial Rehabilitation 200 disabled children

11) 2011: Summer Camp; Leadership training to 500 young, Infirmary;                       Concept 5 A (Acceptance, Affirmation, Autonomy, Accessibility,                   Achievement) presented the United Arab Emirates in Dubai in the                United States of America Colorado, Costa Rica and Haiti.

12) 2012: Thought Leaders; Digicel School in Mersan; UNICEF; Plan                           strategies.

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