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It consists an institution called "National Observatory of Inclusion Initiatives Disability Haiti'' the acronym '' ONIPH ''.

He says that men and women with disabilities enjoy the same equal and inalienable rights inherent in the human species: all men and all women with disabilities are entitled to respect and effective exercise of these rights in terms of equal representation and participation within Haitian society.

ONIPH ensure universal and indivisible effective implementation of conventions, international covenants and all international and regional instruments concerning civil, political, economic, social and cultural development for the benefit of the disabled. It works to promote democracy and the rule of law in favor of a national economic and social right and, in particular, for the right of disabled people to participate in sustainable environmentally.


​It is opposed to any attack on the fundamental principle of equality among human beings and all forms of racism and discrimination based on sex, gender identity and sexual orientation, lifestyle, status health or disability, political opinion, philosophical and religious, nationality and social status...



National Observatory in Haiti Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (ONIPH) consists of a national coordination office and 10 departmental units.

a) The national structure is composed of a National Office and ten departmental units including a national coordinator and ten regional coordinators, each representing their respective departments.

b) The National Coordination Office consists of 11 members including: a National Coordinator (Assistant secretary) and 10 regional coordinators. (N.B.: the National Coordinator can be jointly a regional coordinator). The coordinator is appointed by the Assembly of coordinators and is elected for a term of two years corresponding to the deposition time of its report on the Government's actions on the CRPD.

 The National Bureau Made up of 11 members:


  •  1  National Coordinator

  •  1 Assistant Coordinator

  •  1 secretary

  •  1 head of communications

  •  1 logistics manager

  •  6 members - councilors

d)  Each of the departmental cells is composed of 11 members:

  • A departmental coordinator

  • Secretary

  • A communications manager

  • Responsible for logistics

  • Seven members advisors.

OBSERVATORY NATIONAL GOVERNMENT FOR INCLUSION OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES OF HAITI . '' ONIPH ''  to see the task of supervising the implementation of the principles of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in December .2007.

- Its duration is unlimited.
Its registered office is set at 13A,Rue Camelia Route Delmas 67. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It may be transferred to any other place in Haiti on decision of the Bureau of National Coordination
The fiscal year begins on October 1st and ends September 30th.



1)  Conduct fact-finding missions and observations on the implementation of the CRPD in Haiti
2)  Educate Haitian society in general on the Rights of the disabled
3)  Coordinate the various departmental units depending on the mission ONIPH
4)  Produce an alternative report based on the report of the Haitian government's initiatives in the framework of the             implementation of the CRPD
5)  Ensure a harmonization of BSEIPH Act and the CRPD
6)  Participate or integrate all initiatives to contribute to the development of the disability community in Haiti.

Allocation of departmental units:

In addition, ONIPH departmental cells must:

a)  Work to defend the principles of the Universal Declaration of Rights of Persons with Disabilities and preserve their absolute independence, particularly in respect of all governments, all political parties and all religious organizations.

b)  Have the mission to promote, respect for the specificity of their department, the principles set out in Article 1 of this Constitution in their own department.

c)   Forbid any representative or member of a local political executive, national or international to hold a term of management and representation within them.

d)  Regularly inform the Office of National Coordination of their activities within the framework of their cooperation and in accordance with internal regulations,

 e)  Interact with external institutions in achieving its mission.
  f)  Contribute to the development of the movement, visibility, and publicly display his membership of the CRPD.