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Today, from the observations of the modern world on the phenomenon of multiculturalism and communication technology and information, it is said that man is the product of his environment. On this basis, we also believe that human environment consists of two axes which are social values ​​and spiritual values ​​that profile the cultural values ​​of the latter without allowing him to discover his origins. Tomorrow again, more than ever, man will continue to question the starting point of his existence. For the majority, it is indisputable that the human being derives from God hands and for some others it is the product of physical environmental change. Hence the need to consider the manifestation of instinct regarding the activities, prescient ideas, dreams including psychics in the spiritual dimension. By limiting the first school of thought, if everything is material then no need to show the spirit that inhabits the flesh. If the mutation is the basis for creating what is this inclination that we feel to want to discover the unknown as the physical body that we are already visible symbol of our original purpose which translates the material it represents.From the other point of view, why this complex structure that drives us? If we are masters of our destiny why the weather affect our future? And, at times, they reduce us to silence, a silence which is painful trauma for those who have been victims irrespective of religion, race and sex. How to define the breath of life and especially how to bring it back into the inert body that has lost its animism resulting temporal and environmental impact.

Taking into account these two approaches explaining life on earth and considering the many arguments for the justification of each assumption, our thoughts allow us to affirm that the Social Inclusion 5A's model draws its basis in divine source human existence. It is the symbiosis of harmonization between mind and matter, between man and his environment. It is part of a dynamic of thought and action. Each of the five phases of the model's 5A boils down to the fundamental of life, which is love of neighbor. It allows us to get closer to God and one that is growing, however if we enable each other to achieve the ideal phase of human development that is self-fulfillment or by extension the collective accomplishment. The culmination of the individual to the human ideal stage allows to awaken the collective consciousness and stimulate the practice of collective spirit in society. Besides, at this stage, the individual is called to experience the transcendence and begin to think and act for the human collective. Concurrently, he feels valued and accepted and appreciated by society as a person. In return, the company was inspired by the courage and determination that emerges in citizens who reached the self-actualization stage to weave its dimension of national unity. This contributes to what the individual perceives itself as a model for his company. It manages to feel a sense of belonging towards the community and the society in which it operates. The joy he feels allows him to open up to new friendships and to further explore its environment. Once reached the stage of the human ideal, the person is freed from its complex and this becomes a catalyst for a psychomotor point of view that the fight lax, the sinecure and motivates towards a productive mind.
This concept is called universal because it recognizes the equality of races and admits gender equity by valuing human being individually and collectively for his contribution to development of the individual and its environment. For we must also understand, respect for atheists, that biblical writing, the universal law of nations, tells us that God created man in his image and not he created a race of men in his image he either white, black or yellow as traditionally evoked to designate the different races of the planet earth. Today, the human race converges to the mixing of races so that over time all forms of discrimination, prejudices are completely annihilated that the man is recognized for its right to exist andlive with dignity as God's creation and not as a simple product of the company subject to quality control.
The Social Inclusion Model 5A's is also called universal because it applies to all situations of everyday life of man. Whether the desire to become a bootblack or from that of becoming an astronaut, doctor or president of a country. For the five settings line up so that the individual travels the same path until it reaches its goal or ideal human called self-fulfillment. It is also valid for a football team that would go to international competitions. The different approaches leading to qualifications are indistinguishable differently from those that led to the bootblack. This explains the two variants of the concept as individual or group.
Also, it is interesting to speculate on the reasons that called civilized societies confront less of self-acceptance problems and the other. Can we therefore conclude that this is due the fact that the vast majority of citizens plays a productive role in the system and therefore also results in a net reduction of social dissociation phenomenon. For, He is not only to facilitate the integration or inclusion of the individual or marginalized groups, must also initiate events that may enable the individual or group that is marginalized to develop through productive activities within the company thus promoting him to raise his self-esteem and cultivate the collective spirit. That said, the will of aid must not be an instrument of suppression values. Currently, we are experiencing a cultural exploration movement. Man prepares to become a universal being by abandoning the nationalist spirit to adopt a global citizen approach while preserving its cultural identity. The issue of social inclusion should be popularized across all borders of the world. The individual should no longer feel surprised by the behavior of one who comes from afar to have already explored the ways and manners of the latter via the technology of communication and information. To this end, everyone is called to express their needs and enjoy their rights in every sense of the term in reference to the various human rights conventions.Because the starting point of the sovereignty of human rights comes from the family and community level without any time neglect the pluralistic character of social discrimination.
We have thereby transcend our individual to tap into each culture the essence of life is wisdom and tolerance. They teach us to accept the other and also to accept us. For if civilizations have crossed time and borders through knowledge and if man is equipped with the infinite dimension which is intelligence that reveals itself every day in its glorious or face times of adversity c ' is to make him understand the simplicity of life. It differs in the plurality of the human environment whose common denominator is love. Thus, to use René Descartes: "I am so I exist." Since man is born to live in community, to train and organize companies then by extension of this maxim drawn from this great thinker, we must say that "we are then we exist." Admitting the truth of this philosophy it therefore challenges us to accept the other in the authenticity of his two-dimensional human constitution, physical and spiritual. Therefore, these values ​​are the human environment the cornerstone of the human ideal of self-fulfillment or collective achievement. First, it is a concept whose philosophy is to allow every citizen to integrate into the community according to its emancipation needs fulfillment. In the second perspective, the concept 5A's also advocates human development oriented towards production of goods and services for the benefit of all strata of society. This bivalent character of the concept represents a pragmatic approach that materializes through five interdependent parameters. It is important to understand that the individual must rely on the contribution of his human environment during its journey to achieving each of the five phases of the 5A's social inclusion model. For the feelings that grip the foregoing and his actions are stamped with the recognition that it address the other as a witness of his accomplishments. This leads to the perpetuation of the legacy we bequeath to future generations' knowledge and experience of our contributions to the well being of the human collective. " Where self-acceptance and acceptance of others are basically an awareness of ourselves and our human environment within the social inclusion process in relation to our decision-making and behavioral capacity. Besides, it is not to engage in comparative analysis vis-à-vis the different rhythms of social inclusion but to appreciate every effort related to individual and collective commitment to promote and enhance the inclusion social purposes to build a society, a unitary world. Thus, the physical constitution and the intellectual capacity of a person should in no way be a barrier causing the refusal of acceptance within society.


The Social Inclusion Model 5A's is defined as a universal concept of human development based on a cognitive learning process and experimental self-recovery and, also, that prioritizes productivity as the fundamental vector of accomplishment self or collective fulfillment as a human ideal. It builds on the biological capacity of the individual strengthened by the influence of his human environment derived from its spiritual and social values. The self-fulfillment or collective achievement is transformed into a collective consciousness that converges to a collective spirit whose aim is sustainable development of the community or by extension of love of neighbor as the concept five parameters also refer to God prescribed for those who believe in a supreme being: Acceptance = accept God Affirmation = prayers - love of neighbor, Autonomy = work - production, Accessibility = sharing - between the aid Achievement = blessing - salvation.