Special Education 


Education  is the key to a child's success and the prerequisite of sustainable development of a country.

Special education is of utmost importance when it comes to inclusion. it should involve not only teachers but also those who are keen to improve the Haitian education system.

 (Only 5% of disabled children attend school).

Disabled people of all age groups and sex are living without protection and have limited access to basic services, including housing, social protection, health care, clean water, education ...
However, about six years, the Haitian government has made significant efforts to the integration of disabled people in national life, public policy:
Of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Inter-American Convention against all forms of discrimination vis - à - vis the disabled; adoption, 13 March 2012, an Act on the integration of People with Disabilities. This covers a wide range of rights and in particular the rights to education.

The importance of education in the life of a child (disabled or not) and the full integration of disabled children, who are usually unpopular and misunderstood in their entourage.FHAIPH encourages the specialized education for children with disabilities .the Digicel Haiti foundation, one of our partenaires.nous gave a special school in order to help deficient children with special intellectual Olympics haiti.

The school, which will be headed by officials of the Special Education Centre (CES), consists of two sections: one for children with disabilities and another for normal children.With five classrooms of about 30 square meters, the school has the capacity to receive between 120 and 150 students at the kindergarten and first grades of the fundamental, the center has an infirmary, a kitchen, of sports facilities, a football field and a basketball court. "I am reassured to know that there is now an institution that will educate my handicapped child. We could not find before, "said a parent present at the inauguration ceremony.

Jean Chevalier Sanon attributed the realization of this project and called on all those involved to protect the institution by making it with a spirit of belonging

DEBATE. What is Disability?

Disability, the mentally deficient children

Promote the rights of persons with disabilities.