A picture taken during a training given by FHAIPH has ONIPH in collaboration with DRF"Right Disability funds"



A business is an organization with material and human resources and invests in a given area in order to collect benefits. And members of the institutions / organizations bring significant added value to the company as an investment. Provide training to employees may also present when a member of the shortcomings that need to be comblés.Un member, having received a good training, be it through an external training or is acquired over experimental years is definitely some value to the institution / organization in which it evolved. At the FHAIPH are given to employees and organizations and members of Institutions Federations an opportunity to strengthen the knowledge gained to practice them after. We offer seminars for sessions in collaboration with our partenaires.Nous offer the right resources and environment needed to promote the growth of the members of each institutions / organizations and meet their needs formation.dans order to develop their institutions / organizations, helping to advance.
Similarly, the training seminar allow members of different institutions / organizations know each other, to exchange their views on different aspects, to better embrace, lead the struggle for the cause of disabled people.

Training for members is undeniably essential because it increases among other worker productivity by enhancing their training compétences.Une can be done through seminars and other types of réunions.Celle must be tailored to their needs and easily accessible.a this purpose, the training session will result in qualified personnel, which does not need to be constantly supervisé.The training session can indeed be achieved in different ways depending on the needs and requirements of the structure concerned.
training is one of the fundamental pillars of the proper conduct of the excercise of .She function is part of the success of any company.

Create a sense of belonging to their organization members and promote a better perception of the workplace.
Improve oral expressions of members and make them lose their stress when they make aprofessional presentation.
Ensure a match between the skills and knowledge of them.
Improve the status of employees from advancement in the company.
Maintain a level of competence necessary for the progress of the institutions.
Help integrate the right person in the right place at the right time.
Develop the judgment skills of trained ..
These are our strengths of our multiple raisonns to encourage the training of members of our institutions and organsations the FHAIPH.

January 08, 2018

As part of the project "DRF / FHAIPH" on the development of the law on the integration of disabled people in Haiti "


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