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A day with santa SOH Actiovities
A day with santa SOH Actiovities

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(+509) 360 - 57056 /                  335 - 88171 /               468 - 40690 /                  374 - 37666

formation des volontaires au centre
formation des volontaires au centre

Espoir . sur la Route National #1

RNJV Haiti
RNJV Haiti

Remise des diplome

Formation des Volontaires
Formation des Volontaires

Au centre Olympic Espoir, sur la Route National #1.

formation des volontaires au centre
formation des volontaires au centre

Espoir . sur la Route National #1


Our volunteers are to wear strong hands to different activities we organize either a Each October 17, which is intended as Day of Disabled Persons, the eks'day "Eunice Kennedy Shriver day and every day in December in the activity "A Day with Santa" Special Olympics Haiti for deficient Intellectuals, the Shriver camps too. We organize training for them in order to strengthen their capabilities.

With the aim of strengthen the capacity of our volunteers, who dedicate voluntarily to help. they are made to benefit from training for Free to better their help in the works they contribute. To better understand the volunteering movement. in their donnants a diploma at the end of each training.

The National Youth Network Volunteers of Haiti's mission:

Contribute to social andeconomic, cultural and political development of Haiti by recruiting and training a national network of volunteers with young people all social strata and religions, strengthening their capacities as leaders through education, continuing education and initiative entrepreneurial in order to participate in the inclusive and sustainable community development in Haiti ..

In our activities

The National Network of young volunteers from Haiti, having as acronym RNJV-Haiti is a national association of several groupings of young people across the ten countries of the department under the designation mentioned above. The head office is in Port-au-Prince and could have as many grouping as exists in the communal sections in Haiti. The age range defining the word young falls between 18, the age of legal majority and 45, critical age of menopause. For RNJV-Haiti, the Word  "young" , means the state of mind!

  • The volunteering must be a real commitment. No question of sign up and never participate.It is certainly give of his time, of his person to causes, but especially a real act or a citizen duty by serving his community and its environment.

  • Who has entered into an undertaking without being obliged.

The "RNJV"-Haiti has the following objectives:

  • Create a national network of young volunteers to Haiti for purposes accompanying community activities

  •  Create national media awareness program called "Youth opinion"

  •  Facilitate technical and vocational training of young volunteer network

  •  Contribute to the development of social leadership, economic, cultural and political youth volunteer network.

The main fields of RNJV-Haiti actions are:

  • Supporting all socio-cultural initiative oriented towards community development based on the civic and moral values while promoting the Special Olympics movement.

  • Raising public opinion. 


  • Cooperation with the national office, regional and other communal cells government or any international organization to    facilitate the development of the individual or the community.


  • Training of leaders of associations in writing, management, project evaluation.


  • Organization of conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations to publicize the RNJV-Haiti activities.


  • Continuous Realization relevant documents in any medium (audiovisual, CD, etc.), publishing a newsletter and      magazine publishing to the public related to network activities.


  • Participation in national and international conferences on topics involving Youth and Community Development.

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